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This handbook provides practical information on knowing and meeting nutritional needs. I love all the grocery shopping tips and meal ideas.

Regina Mastin, RD, LD 
Baylor University


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ISBN: 978-1-7338404-0-8 (spiral bound)

Meal Planning Strategies, Tips, & Techniques" is the first of its kind and unlike many expensive diet programs that typically focus on telling you WHAT to eat, it will guide you through and instead teach you HOW to eat. Learning #HowToMealPlan will help you permanently move past the mentally exhausting and emotionally draining years of yo-yo dieting and feelings of desperation. Meal planning is great to do with kids and makes for a fun and engaging activity the entire family is sure to get into. It is also great to do with a group of friends or on your own. However you go about it, have fun, try new things, and enjoy a healthy life free from second guessing all of your nutritional choices.

Use the hashtag #HowToMealPlan on social media to ask questions, post pictures, and share ideas!

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